A Complete Guide to the Citizen Promaster Diver

Citizen is a brand that has created a solid reputation for itself in its century-old existence. It has produced many amazing watches under different collections. For this article, we’ll be focusing on the incredible Citizen Promaster Diver series. We’ll answer all you need to know about this cool dive watch — from all the available models down to the technical user manual.

Forgive the pun, but let’s dive right in.

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About Citizen Watches

Citizen has been around for over a hundred years and has continuously valued excellence, creativity, and craftsmanship when it comes to its watches. One of its brand philosophies includes “better starts now”, which motivates them to better the lives of its customers with their watches. Its name comes from the idea of being a “citizen of the world” that advocates for positive change. 

One great example of creating positive change is the creation of the Eco-Drive technology. Citizen wanted to minimize the waste caused by discarded batteries. So they created the Eco-Drive technology that allows its watches to harness energy from any light source.

Photo from citizenwatch.com

How Much is a Citizen Promaster Diver Watch?

In the spectrum of watch brand prices, Citizen falls in the mid-range category. Although not as inexpensive as watch staples such as Casio and Timex, Citizen still offers quality watches for a reasonable value. For the Citizen Promaster Diver Collection, the watches are priced around $350 to $500. This is definitely a good price for a quality dive watch.

Best Citizen Promaster Diver Models

The Citizen Promaster Diver has a great collection of different models. You might notice that some of these watches have a similar design with just a variation in color. But for the sake of providing a comprehensive guide, we’ll be covering each individual model in detail below. However, it should be noted that we are only including models that are still currently part of the collection. If you have discontinued models such as the BN008-03E or the BN0000-04H, unfortunately, we will not be featuring them in this article. But hopefully, you’ll find some of our other sections such as the recharging guide and maintenance guide helpful.

Citizen Promaster Diver Watch
Photo taken from @citizenwatchus on Instagram

Citizen Promaster Diver BJ8050-08E

This model was first introduced by Citizen on August 10, 2017, and has been part of their Promaster Diver collection ever since. The BJ8050-08E has a silver-tone stainless steel case that is 48 millimeters, which makes it a very large watch. For reference, watches that are 44mm to 46mm in diameter are appropriate for wrists that are 7.5 to 8 inches in circumference. If you have thinner wrists, then this watch might be too big for you. 

The watch also has a Promaster crown and a one-way rotating elapsed-time bezel on its case. For its crystal, the BJ8050-08E has an anti-reflective curved mineral glass. Mineral glass is a common crystal used in watches and is quite scratch-resistant. Although not as strong as sapphire glass, it is still pretty sturdy, and considering that this one is anti-reflective, we think that it is a good choice for a crystal. 

Citizen Promaster Diver BJ8050-08E


This watch has a pretty durable black, reinforced urethane band, which goes pretty well with the matching black dial. The watch has a numberless dial with luminous hour markers and watch hands, making it an ideal companion for night swims. Additionally, the watch also has a small date window by the 3 o’clock position. 

The Citizen Eco-Drive technology powers the Promaster Diver, and in the recharging section of this article, we will be discussing how the Eco-Drive technology works. For its caliber, the watch has a caliber B873. Since this watch is a diving watch, we will also be discussing the details of its water-resistance later on. But generally, this watch has a 300m water-resistance.

Citizen Promaster Diver BN0085-01E

Moving on to our next Promaster Diver, we have the BN0085-01E. This watch was introduced along with the BJ8050-08E and is ISO-certified. The watch has a 48mm silver-tone stainless steel case with a screw-down caseback, Promaster crown, and a one-way rotating elapsed-time bezel. This watch also has an anti-reflective mineral crystal, which comes in handy when swimming under the bright sun.

Citizen Promaster Diver BN0085-01E


The watch has a nice black poly strap that matches the bezel and dial, which are also in black. Speaking of the dial, it has a pretty cool sunray design which adds some depth to the aesthetic. The dial is numberless, opting to use chunky luminous hour markers instead. It has three watch hands. The hour and minute hands are thick at the base and narrow down to a point at the end. Meanwhile, the second hand is in a vibrant blue with an arrowhead at the end. Like the markers, the hands are also luminous. 

In addition to the regular features on a watch, the BN0085-01E also has a tiny date window. This diver watch has a water-resistance of 300 meters and runs on Eco-Drive technology and a caliber E168.

Citizen Promaster Diver BN0150-28E

Citizen released the BN0150-28E along with the two previous watches we’ve covered and it has been quite a favorite since then. This watch is ISO-compliant and is quite smaller than the other watches at 44mm. Despite being smaller than the previous watches, this watch is still actually larger than standard and is suitable for wrists that are 7.5 to 8 inches in circumference. It has a silver-tone stainless steel case with a rotating bezel and a Promaster crown. The watch also has an anti-reflective crystal. Adding the fact that it has luminous markers and hands, this watch definitely scores high on ease of readability.

Citizen Promaster Diver BN0150-28E


In terms of the color scheme, this watch exhibits mostly black features with a bit of silver hue. The rubber strap, bezel, and dial are in black. It’s a pretty simple look but it’s cohesive and pleasing to the eyes. Amidst the black and silver, though, is a hint of orange in the outline of the minute hand that really helps bring the look together.

The watch has a water-resistance of 200 meters, which is lower than the previous watches but is still appropriate for the dive watch standard. It has the same caliber as the BN0085-28E and is also powered by Eco-Drive technology.

Citizen Promaster Diver BN0150-09L

For the BN0150-09L, we won’t be having a lengthy discussion since it shares most of the features of the BN0150-28E. So, what’s the difference? Well, simply put, it’s the color. Instead of the cool black of the BN0150-28E, the BN0150-09L adorns a lovely deep blue hue. 

Citizen released this model 20 days after its black counterpart, assumably to complement the BN0150-28E. Quickly going through its features, this watch is 44mm in diameter and has a stainless steel case and an anti-reflective mineral crystal. The watch has a 200m water-resistance and is ISO-compliant. 

Citizen Promaster Diver BN0150-09L


Instead of black, the rubber strap is in a nice blue color. The bezel is also blue, same with the dial, albeit the shade is darker for added contrast. It is a numberless dial with luminous markers and hands, and it also has a tiny date window at the 4 o’clock position.

Citizen Promaster Diver BN0191-55L

Now, for those who have just about general knowledge of watches, a stainless steel watch might not be what you first imagine when you think of dive watches. And this is probably due to the fact that sports watches often don a more synthetic look with rubber or silicone straps. This is the traditional image of sports watches, yes. However, stainless steel watches — which are often associated with more dressed-up looks — are also great dive watches.

Let’s take this lovely stainless steel Promaster dive watch, for example. This Promaster Diver was introduced into the market in August 2017 and is ISO-compliant. The watch has a 200m water-resistance and runs on the Citizen Eco-Drive technology, so it gets its power from light. Like some of the other Citizen Promaster Diver watches, this watch has a caliber E168.

Citizen Promaster Diver BN0191-55L


The watch has a two-tone stainless steel case which is 45mm in diameter and a matching stainless steel bracelet. It has an azure aluminum bezel and its dial is protected by a strong mineral crystal. Speaking of the dial, it is also in azure blue and is numberless, opting for large luminous hour markers instead. The watch has three hands with the hour and minute hands having the same tone as the hour markers, while the second hand is a vibrant orange. Similar to the markers, the hands are also luminous. 

Citizen Promaster Diver BN0195-54E

If the classic silver-tone stainless steel isn’t quite the look for you and you want something a bit edgier, then consider the BN0195-54E. Citizen released this model 10 months after the BN0191-54E as a response to its success.

This model has a handsome black ion-plated bracelet and stainless steel case. Its one-way rotating elapsed-time bezel is also in black but this time, it’s aluminum. Continuing the all-black aesthetic, we also have a numberless black dial. The hour markers and the hour and minute hands don a silver-tone, while the second hand is in a lovely red accent. There are all luminous to provide optimum readability in dim light. Lastly, we’ve got a small calendar window by the 3 o’clock position.

Citizen Promaster Diver BN0195-54E


Citizen Promaster Diver BN0200-56E

If you’re tired of the plain stainless steel, why not go for titanium? The BN0200-56E has a Super Titanium bracelet and case with a lovely finish. It is 44mm in diameter, making it a perfect fit for wrists that are 7.5 to 8 inches in circumference. The bracelet has a safety foldover clasp with push-button, so you don’t need to worry about it falling off while you’re swimming. This watch has a black aluminum bezel and a matching black dial. The dial is numberless and has luminous watch hands and markers. 

Citizen Promaster Diver BN0200-56E


This model has a water-resistance of 200 meters, making it an ideal companion when scuba diving. Similar to some of the other watches on this list, the BN0200-56E has the Citizen Eco-Drive technology and a caliber E168.

Citizen Promaster Diver CA0710-58L

Our next watch is part of the newer collection from Citizen. The CA0710-58L was just released in late 2019. Its silver-tone case is 46mm in diameter and has a Promaster crown. It has an anti-reflective mineral crystal and a 200m water resistance, making it a perfect companion on a sunny summer day at the beach. 

The watch has a stainless steel bracelet and a handsome blue bezel. Matching the bezel is a numberless blue dial. The watch’s hour markers and hands are luminous, eliminating the frustration of trying to read the time in the dark. On the dial, you will find a date window and three sub-dials. These sub-dials include a ⅕ second chronograph, a 60-minute display, and a 12/24 hour time.

This watch is powered by Eco-Drive and has a caliber B612. Additionally, the watch is also anti-magnetic and anti-shock, ensuring the utmost durability.

Citizen Promaster Diver CA0715-03E

If you love having a splash of color against the usual neutrality, then the CA0715-03E might just be right up your alley. This model is also one of the newer pieces in this collection since it was just introduced in early 2019. It has a 46mm stainless steel case and an anti-reflective mineral crystal.

This watch has a nice black polyurethane strap and a matching numberless black dial. The real star, though, is the vibrant emerald green bezel. This, along with the hints of green accents on the dial, really gives a lovely pop of color to the watch’s overall aesthetic. 

Citizen Promaster Diver CA0715-03E


Now, let’s talk about the dial. The dial has luminous hour markers and watch hands, which really come in handy during night swims. In addition to the usual watch features, the CA0715-03E also has a date window and three sub-dials. These sub-dials include a one-fifth second chronograph, a 12/24 hour time, and lastly, a 60-minute display. 

Citizen Promaster Diver CA0719-53E

The CA0719-53E sports a very cool and modern look. Citizen released this watch in late 2018 and has since been doing well in the market. This ISO-compliant watch runs on Eco-Drive technology and has a caliber B612. It also has a 200m water-resistance, which is just perfect for scuba diving.

Citizen Promaster Diver CA0719-53E


The watch has a classic silver-tone stainless steel case which is 46mm in diameter. Its bracelet is also stainless steel, while its crystal is anti-reflective mineral glass. The watch has a handsome black bezel with a touch of blue. This matches well with the numberless black dial which has a few small hints of blue, as you can see in the second hand. On the dial, we’ve got a date window, luminous hands and markers, and three sub-dials. 

Citizen Promaster Diver BN0198-56H

For the final watch of this collection, we have the BN0198-56H. This model was released in 2018 and is ISO-compliant. It uses the Citizen Eco-Drive technology and the caliber E168. Like many of the other Promaster Divers in this collection, the BN0198-56H is also water-resistant up to 200 meters. 

Citizen Promaster Diver BN0198-56H


The watch has a handsome gray ion-plated stainless steel bracelet and case. It is 45mm in diameter and has a Promaster crown. Its bezel is in a beautiful gray aluminum, which perfectly matches the numberless gray dial. The dial design is pretty simple, sticking to a clean silver-tone look for its markers and hour hands — which are luminous, by the way. Finally, the watch also features a small date window by the 3 o’clock position.

How to Set Time on Citizen Promaster Diver  Watch

Although all in the same collection, setting the time for a Citizen Promaster Diver watch actually depends on each model. The key is to identify what caliber the model has. For the Promaster Diver series, there are three possible calibers: B612, B873, and E168.

One note, though, before setting your time is to identify whether your watch has a screw-down crown. If that is the case, it is important to turn the crown to the left first to disengage the lock. This step is done before pulling the crown to set the time. Remember, to return the crown to its normal position after setting the time. This is to avoid water from getting into your watch.

Setting the Time on Promaster Watch
Photo from citizenwatch.com

For Caliber B612

The first thing to do when setting the time is to pull out the crown to position 2, which is two clicks. Now for watches that have caliber B612 — CA0710-58L, CA0715-03E, and CA0719-53E — there will be a ⅕ second chronograph. So you must pull the crown as the second hand is at the reference position. Once done, you can now set it to the desired time. However, since watches with this caliber have a 24-hour hand, you have to be mindful whether it is in the A.M. or P.M. position. Finally, press the crown back to the normal position.

For Caliber B873

The sole Citizen Promaster Diver watch under this caliber is the BJ8050-08E. For this caliber, you start by stopping the second hand at the zero second position. You do this by pulling the crown to the second click. Set the time, and then push the crown back into its position.

For Caliber E168

This is the common caliber used for the Citizen Promaster Diver series. The watches that have this caliber are the BN0085-01E, BN0150-28E, BN0151-09L, BN0191-55L, BN0195-54E, BN0200-56E, and the BN0198-56H. Similar to the Caliber B873, you simply stop the watch when the second hand is at the zero position and pull the crown two clicks. Set the time and push the crown back into place.

How to Set the Calendar on Citizen Promaster Diver Watch

Seeing as all the watches under this series have date windows, you’ll want to figure out how to set the calendar. Similar to setting the time, you must identify first if the watch has a screw-down crown. Disengage the lock by turning the crown to the left before pulling it to set the date. And always remember to return the crown to its regular position to lock it once more. 

To set the date, you simply pull the crown out to position 1. When setting the date, turn the crown counter-clockwise. Turning it clockwise would not move the date, so be careful not to accidentally go one date forward since it will not work in reverse. If you do so, you’ll have to go through all the other days all over again. 

Another thing to note is that you have to manually set the date for months that are less than 31 days. For example, if it is May 1, the calendar will display it as 31 since April only has 30 days. So at the start of each month that goes after a month less than 31 days, you’d have to set the date again. Also, you shouldn’t adjust the date when it is between 9 PM and 1 AM since it might not show correctly on the next day. After properly setting the date, push the crown back into its regular position.

How to Use the Chronograph

The chronograph is a feature found only in the Citizen Promaster Diver watches with a Caliber B612. This feature is particularly helpful for swimmers who want to take note of their lap times. To use the chronograph, you need to remember the function of the two buttons.

Pressing the upper-right button will start the chronograph. When you press it again, it’ll pause the time. Giving it another press will recommence the timing from the paused position. If you want the time measurement to go back to zero, simply press and release the lower right button to reset. 

Citizen Promaster Diver Chronograph Watch
Photo taken from @citizenwatchus on Instagram

If the chronograph second hand does not return to the reference position when you press the reset button, here’s what you do. Pull the crown out to position 2. Make sure you are out of the water when you are doing this so as to not get water inside the watch. Press the upper right button and hold it for at least three seconds. This will set the watch to correct the reference position. 

Next, we are going to correct the position of the second hand. Press the upper right button to adjust the position and release it when it is properly adjusted. Pressing it once will move the hand at one-second intervals while pressing and holding it down will make it move rapidly. Once done, press the crown back into position. We’re almost done but not quite yet. Since the chronograph minute hand moves as you adjust the second hand, you have to press the lower right button to adjust the position of the chronograph minute hand. And voila! You have properly reset the chronograph.

Functions of a Solar-Powered Watch

One of the cool things about the Citizen Promaster Diver is that it uses Citizen’s iconic Eco-Drive technology. This technology doesn’t just get its power from solar energy but actually any light source, even artificial ones. The Promaster Diver has a few functions that will help aid you in navigating the Eco-Drive technology.

Screenshot taken from citizenwatch.com

Insufficient Charge Warning Function

How do you know when your Eco-Drive is low on juice? Well, luckily Citizen Eco-Drive watches have a way to notify you. When the second hand moves in two-second intervals instead of the usual one second, this means that your watch has an insufficient charge. Once this warning has begun, you’ll have three to four days until the watch stops. But don’t worry because, in that three to four day period, the displayed time will still be correct despite the two-second interval ticking.

Quick Start Function

Once the watch starts to tick in two-second intervals, it’ll remain this way until it completely stops after a few days or once you expose it to light. The latter is thanks to Eco-Drive’s Quick Start Function. Even when the watch stops, the Quick Start Function still applies. As long as the watch gets light exposure, it’ll start to tick at the normal one-second interval. However, if the watch still continues to tick at a two-second interval even after exposure, this just means that the time is incorrect and you have to set it. Also, it is important to note that the brightness of the light will determine whether it’ll start immediately or take a while.

Overcharge Prevention Function

Now, if you’re worried about overcharging your watch due to constant light exposure, we’ve got good news for you. The Eco-Drive watches have an Overcharge Prevention Function. Here’s how this function works. Once you’ve fully recharged the watch’s secondary battery, the function will kick in to avoid overcharging. This keeps the watch completely safe to use and keeps you free from worries when it comes to your watch.

How to Recharge Your Citizen Promaster Diver Watch

Charging Citizen Promaster Watch
Photo taken from @citizenwatch us on Instagram

Care and Handling When Recharging 

Now that you know the functions that come with this solar-powered watch, let’s discuss how to properly recharge it. Citizen recommends charging your watch while in use. This is pretty easy when you wear your watch during the day. However, if you tend to wear long sleeves, the sleeves might hide your watch from light exposure which leads to insufficient charge. 

Another recommendation from Citizen is to place your watch in a bright place when you are not wearing it. This is to ensure that the watch will still run properly even when not in use. However, it is important to not place it in an area with a high temperature. Temperatures over 60°C (140°F) will damage the watch during recharging. For example, avoid placing your watch on your car dashboard or under a light bulb that gets hot easily. If you’re going to charge your watch using an incandescent light, make sure to keep it at least 50cm (20 in) away. 

Recharging Times

So now, let’s talk about recharging times. We’ll divide this into categories such as the caliber, the type of environment where it is charging, and the state of charge.

Caliber B612

For this caliber, we’ll consider these three recharging environments: Under direct sunlight or cloudy weather, 20cm (8 in) under a 30W fluorescent lamp, and interior lighting. At a full charge, watches with this caliber will run for roughly seven months without further exposure. 

When recharging outdoors in sunny or cloudy weather, it’ll take 2 to 11 minutes for a full day’s charge and 1.5 to 7 hours to start working normally when the power cell is empty. The illuminance is 10,000 to 100,000 lux. 

If you’re charging under a fluorescent lamp, you’ll get an illuminance of 3,000 lux. To get a full day’s charge, it’ll only take 35 minutes. But if the cell is empty, it’ll take 25 hours for the watch to start working normally again.

Lastly, if you’re charging inside using indoor lighting, you’ll just get 500 lux. A full day’s charge would take much longer than the other environments at 3.5 hours. While if you’re charging from zero, it’ll take a whopping 150 hours in total.

Caliber B873

The environments we’ll be considering for this caliber include inside an ordinary office, 60-70cm (24-28in) under a 30W fluorescent light, 20cm (8in) under a 30 W fluorescent light, outdoors on a cloudy day, and outdoors on a sunny day. Let’s start with the indoor office, which yields 500 lux of illuminance. For an office, it’ll take 3 hours for a full day’s charge and 43.5 hours from the stop state to the normal one-second movement. 

If you’re recharging it 60-70cm away from a fluorescent light, you’ll get 1,000 lux. You’ll need 1.5 hours to charge it for a full day’s use. If you’re starting from an empty cell, it’ll take 21.5 hours to get it back to the normal movement.

The next environment still uses a fluorescent lamp but at a nearer distance. Recharging your watch 20cm from the light will get you 3,000 lux. It’ll take you just 30 minutes to get a full day’s charge and 7 hours from full stop to normal. If you’re aiming for a full charge, that will take 105 hours.

For a cloudy day outdoors, illuminance will be at 10,000 lux and a day’s charge will take just 10 minutes. From stop state to the normal one-second movement, you’ll need 2 hours. And if you want a full charge, it’ll take 33 hours.

Lastly, we have the best source which is outdoors on a sunny day. The illuminance is 100,000 and it’ll take you just 3 minutes to get a charge for the whole day. From stop to normal, it’ll take 36 minutes. And if you’re going to be out on a sunny day for 9 hours, that will be enough to fully charge your power cell.

Caliber E168

For the last caliber, we have the E168, and we’ll be examining the same environments we used for the Caliber B873. To cut down on redundancy, we’d like to mention that the illuminance for each environment is the same as the previous caliber. 

We’ll start with the office lighting. If you need a full day’s charge, you’ll have to expose your watch to the light for at least 4 hours. But if it’s from the stop state to normal, it’ll take 50 hours.

If you’re charging 60-70 cm away from a fluorescent lamp, you’ll need to charge for 2 hours to get a charge for one day. But if your watch has stopped and you want it to get back to normal, you’d need a longer time. To be exact, it’ll take 25 hours to achieve that.

You could also charge your watch nearer. If it’s 20cm away from a fluorescent light, it’ll only take 40 minutes to get a full day’s charge. And even the time it takes to charge from the stop state is cut down by a lot. It’ll only take 7 hours instead of 25 if you place it nearer. And from empty to full, you’ll need 120 hours.

For outdoors on a cloudy day, 11 minutes is enough for the day. And for 2 hours, you’ll get it from the stop state to normal. 35 hours would be enough to charge it from empty to full.

Again, the most effective source is under direct sun. 2 minutes outside on a sunny day will get you a full day’s charge. If it’s at a stop state, just stay under direct sunlight for 17 minutes and you’re good to go. But if you really want to charge it from empty to full, you’d need 11 hours.

How to Care for Your Citizen Promaster Diver Watch

General Care

Here are some general tips on taking care of your watch. First, avoid magnets. Strong magnetic fields can mess with your watch, so it’s best to keep them at a safe distance. And even with regular magnets such as in some electronics, you need to be mindful and not put your watch in prolonged exposure to them.

Next, let’s talk about storage. Never store your watch with your jewelry. This is to avoid scratching on the crystal. While mineral glass is a perfectly good crystal for a watch, it could still get scratched by materials stronger than it. A perfect example is the diamond, which is found on a lot of jewelry. The diamond is a pretty strong material. Even the best watch crystal, which is a sapphire crystal, can get scratched by a diamond. So if you’re storing your watch in the same drawer you place your diamond jewelry, then it could get scratches if the contents of the drawer aren’t secured. And aside from storage, you should also keep in mind not to wear other jewelry on the same wrist you are wearing your watch.


Often, the maintenance on a watch depends on the materials involved. This is because different materials hold different properties that could result in chemical or physical reactions when exposed to external factors. For example, some chemicals could affect a certain material while doing absolutely nothing for another material. Now, we won’t be getting down to the technical aspects of material composition. But we will be discussing the properties of the materials involved in your watches that you need to know about. 

Metal Watch Bands

The Citizen Promaster Diver has a handful of metal bracelets in its collection. Most of these are stainless steel, while there is also titanium. As metals tend to rust through the passage of time, it is best to keep your stainless steel or titanium watch away from chemicals. Now, this doesn’t just mean not wearing your watch when you’re cleaning your house and using a bunch of chemical products. There are actually some more subtle chemicals we use on our bodies on a daily basis. If you’re the type to spray some cologne on your wrists or apply lotion to your hands, you might reconsider doing so when wearing a metal band watch. 

Citizen Promaster Strap
Photo taken from citizenwatch.com

Now, the thing about metal bracelets is that they are made up of several links, and the spaces in between each link are susceptible to gathering dust and particles. This is why it is important to clean it from time to time. You do this by getting a soft brush and cleaning it with some warm soapy water. After doing so, you should rinse it off with some clean water and let it dry naturally. Do not use hair blowers to dry your watch. Instead, use a gentle cloth and pat it down.

Rubber Watch Straps

As the Citizen Promaster Diver is a dive watch, you’ll probably be using it a lot underwater. Now, the thing about rubber is that it is sensitive to saltwater. Just to be clear, you can still use your Citizen Promaster Diver with a rubber strap when swimming in the sea. You just have to make sure that you rinse it with clear water after your swim.

Aside from saltwater, rubber straps are also sensitive to oils and sweat. The rubber tends to absorb these liquids which could potentially lead to cracking in the strap. So, if you wear your Promaster Diver daily, it’s important to clean your watch regularly, since your strap will be absorbing the sweat and oils your bodies excrete. You should also clean your watch after every trip to the beach. Rinsing right after a swim is just the first part. You’d need to properly clean it once you get home.

Now, here’s what you need to do to properly clean your rubber strap. You’ll need to get some mild detergent, a soft toothbrush, and some water, of course. Make sure you thoroughly clean both the inside and outside of the strap using your soft toothbrush and soapy mixture. Completely rinse it off with some clean water and thoroughly dry it with a soft and gentle cloth.

Proper Use of Citizen Promaster Diver When Diving

Before you use your watch for diving, there are some things you need to note. First, do not use your watch while diving if the Insufficient Charge Warning is active or if the watch has stopped. Before diving, ensure that the screw-down crown is locked and not pulled out. This also means not pulling it out while already in the water. If you use the Promaster Diver in the water while the crown is pulled out, it will lead to water getting in the watch and causing damage. After swimming in the sea, make sure that the crown and screw are still tightened before completely washing the salt water and mud off your watch. Don’t forget to dry it with a dry, gentle cloth after.

Citizen Promaster Diver Watch Underwater
Photo taken from @citizenwatchus on Instagram

How to Use the Rotating Bezel

Often divers would like to have a reference for the elapsed time when diving or have a way to determine the remaining time. The rotating bezel is just what you need for this. Here’s how you use it.

When turning the bezel, only turn it toward the left since it cannot be turned to the right. To determine the elapsed time, align the marker that’s on the bezel with the minute hand. This will be your start time. You’ll be able to determine the elapsed time by looking at where the minute hand is pointing to on the bezel.

For determining the remaining time, align your marker with your target end time. The number the minute hand points at on the bezel will be your remaining time.

Citizen Promaster Bezel
Photo taken from @citizenwatchus on Instagram

Where to Buy Citizen Promaster Diver

If you want to buy a Citizen Promaster Diver, there are a few options. First, you could contact your local Citizen authorized retailers and ask them if they have this collection available in their store. The collection or model you want might not be available, so it’s best to contact them first before making a trip to the store only to find out what you want is not there.

For a hassle-free purchase, you could also shop for them online. Citizen sells its watches on its site and ships them worldwide. You could also check out Amazon for cheaper deals.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, the Citizen Promaster Diver has got a lot to offer. It has cool modern designs and incredibly helpful features. It also helps the environment by using solar energy for its power. For us, this watch is a complete package and has great quality for its value. 


We hope that you’ve found all that you needed in this article. But if you want more content about Citizen, you can check out our guide on Citizen watches.

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