What Kind of Dress Watch Can You Get for $200?

Weddings, parties inspired by the Great Gatsby, and black-tie affairs. If you are the type of person that loves attending events similar to the ones mentioned, then chances are you already have a dress watch of your own. If not, you are probably considering getting one to finally complete your formal ensemble. Nowadays, dress watches all mean different things to people. Professionals, aristocrats, and normal people alike all have the opportunity to invest in such a watch. However, the idea that most dress watches come at a high price still exists. Truthfully, it is quite difficult to find a high-quality dress watch at a more affordable cost, but finding affordable watches, in general, is definitely not impossible. In this article, we will tackle which dress watches you can get on a budget. 

What is a dress watch? 

Dress watches are often associated with dressy events. It is a type of watch that is best worn with suits, gowns, and other formal attire. However, over the years, dress watches have become more accessible to the general public. Now, it is an accessory that one can wear on any occasion, from business settings to smart-casual events. The beauty of this type of watch lies in its simplicity, which also brings out its versatility. 

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What to expect in a dress watch under $200? 

There are many things to consider when finding the perfect dress watch, as people have different taste and criteria. Price, durability, brand reputation, material, and technical specifications are just a few points that we normally take into account when choosing a watch in general. In this case, our list below consists of dress watches under $200. Such a low price may seem sketchy or farfetched for some, but there really are numerous affordable options out there. With that, here are some things you should look out for when shopping for affordable dress watches: 

  1. Good quality. Some people might think that the more expensive the watch, the higher quality. While that may be true in some cases, it doesn’t mean that affordable pieces automatically mean bad quality. There are countless watch options that are known for their reliability and durability despite the lower prices. 
  2. Variety. If you know what you’re looking for and where to look, then you’ll see that there is a variety of options right before you. Don’t think that just because you’re on a budget, you’re stuck with only a handful of timepieces to choose from. What’s even better is that some dress watches offer an interchangeable feature, which makes them more customizable for the wearer. 
  3. Not luxury. Most luxury watches range from $800 to prices with more zeroes that we can possibly imagine. At this point, you should already manage your expectations and know that dress watches under $200 are most likely not luxury pieces. However, this does not mean that you’ll be getting “cheap-looking” watches. Most dress watches, regardless of the price, offer a certain timeless and refined look that is sure to complement its wearer. 

Best Dress Watches Under $200 

Now on to our selection of dress watches you can get under $200. 

1. Orient Bambino 2nd Generation

Orient Bambino 2nd Generation

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Let’s start this list with a pretty well-established brand in the watchmaking industry. Orient is known for showcasing high-quality Japanese craftsmanship in their pieces. Some people even believe that Orient is one of the best watches to get when new to the watch collecting world. Their reputation as a recognized watch manufacturer should already ease your doubts about quality despite the affordable price. 

Overall, this Orient Bambino 2nd Generation watch makes a lovely dress watch because of its sophisticated design. It comes in a 40mm stainless steel case in rose gold paired with a black leather strap and a fixed bezel. The black dial, rose gold markers, and large Roman numerals all add to the sophistication of the entire piece. In terms of technicalities, this model features a date component at 3 o’clock and runs on an automatic movement. This definitely a classy dress watch that would look great with a suit or even just a simple button-down shirt. 

2. Citizen Eco-Drive

Citizen Eco Drive

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Citizen is also another well-known brand that originated from Japan. They are a company that is committed to producing pieces that exceed their own standards. Aside from boasting top Japanese quality, they are also known for being a more sustainable watch brand. Furthermore, they offer a variety of collections, ranging from complex features to straightforward designs. 

This Citizen Eco-Drive watch is a simple piece that would look great with any wardrobe. The exterior has a 40mm stainless steel case and a genuine black leather strap. The silver dial boasts a textured finish along with markers and numerals in beige. Lastly, it follows a Japanese quartz movement with a water resistance of 30 meters. Ultimately, this piece offers a clean, uncomplicated, and classic look overall. 

3. Daniel Wellington Dapper York 

Daniel Wellington Dapper York 

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Daniel Wellington is a brand that has garnered immense popularity in the last couple of years. They are best known for coming out with minimalist and refined collections. I would say that most of their watches are adaptable enough to be worn on any occasion. This also means that they offer a variety of affordable pieces that could pass as a dress watch. 

The Daniel Wellington Dapper York is a piece that is very aptly named. It is a great leather watch that would make anyone feel smart and dapper. It comes in a stainless steel case paired with a brown, croco-embossed Italian leather strap. The white dial is very straightforward with Roman numerals, blue hands, and a date component at 6 o’clock. Moreover, it runs on a Japanese quartz movement and has a water resistance of 30 meters. The simplicity and chicness that come with this piece make it an excellent affordable dress watch. 

4. Seiko Solar 

Seiko Solar Watch

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Seiko is yet another watch manufacturer that came from the Land of the Rising Sun. This brand is one with a rich heritage behind what it is today. They value innovation and quality above all, which means another low-cost yet durable candidate for us. 

Now, many people associate dress watches with leather material, but trust us when we say that there are also a lot of great none-leather options out there. For example, this Seiko Solar watch has a very neat and elegant vibe. It comes in a 37mm stainless steel case along with a bracelet of the same material. The black dial follows a sunray pattern with a day-date feature and luminescent markers. Furthermore, it also runs on a solar-powered, Japanese quartzs movement. The combination of the stainless steel and the black dial exudes elegance and sharpness overall, making it a great dress watch. 

5. Timex Easy Reader

Timex Easy Reader

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Timex is an American brand best known for producing classic and innovative pieces at a low price. They are a watch manufacturer that offers great quality, fashionable, and versatile watches perfect for anyone and everyone. A lot of people have high regard for Timex because of their dedication to making affordable watches without compromising durability or design. 

One of the best things about their Easy Reader collection is that it comes in multiple color variations. It gives people more options to express their personality through their watches without being too overwhelming. This particular Timex Easy Reader watch comes in a 38mm brass case in gold along with a brown genuine leather strap. The dial has that antique vibe especially with the large Arabic numerals, hand markers, and beige background. In addition, it makes use of Indiglo light up technology and runs on a quartz movement. Overall, this is the perfect dress watch option for those who like classic pieces with a vintage feel to them. 

6. Skagen Ancher

Skagen Ancher

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Skagen is an esteemed watch brand that originated from Denmark. They are best known for manufacturing minimalist watches that showcase their Nordic heritage. The pieces they offer are all a reflection of their commitment to create simplistic yet stylish watches. Minimalism is one of the key features of dress watches, and Skagen is the perfect brand that offers both. 

This model of the Skagen Ancher is a very sleek and chic dress watch that is guaranteed to complement any outfit you pair it with. It comes in a 40mm stainless steel case and a black, soft leather strap. The dial is in black along with silver-toned indexes and hands. It also has a rather unique-looking date feature at 6 o’clock. Lastly, this piece follows a quartz movement and has a water resistance of around 30 meters.  This is an excellent versatile watch that can really complete your look regardless of the occasion. 

7. Seiko Solar (Rectangular)

Seiko Solar (Rectangular)

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Here, we have another piece from Seiko. At this point, we have established that they are a well-recognized brand that stays true to its commendable reputation. Seiko never fails to showcase great Japanese craftsmanship in every collection they release. 

This particular Seiko Solar rectangular watch gives off a vintage, almost antique vibe because of its structure. Indeed, it is a great watch that is sure to add some flair to your suit and tie. It comes in a rectangular stainless steel case in gold paired with a black leather strap. The white dial follows a striped pattern and has large Roman numerals. Everything mentioned all contribute to the antique feel of the entire piece. If you prefer classic pieces that reminiscent of the old days with your formal wear, then this is the piece for you. 

8. Casio Dress Watch

Casio Dress Watch

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Casio is a very popular watch brand among the general public. They are known as a trailblazer in the digital watchmaking. However, they also offer numerous analog watches of different styles, shapes, and sizes. They make sure to produce reliable timepieces especially as a brand that values creativity, innovation, and quality. 

This Casio dress watch, in particular, gives off a timeless, movie-like vibe. For some reason, I’m reminded of black and white films whenever I see this piece. It comes in a 35mm gold-plated, stainless steel case paired with a deep maroon leather strap. The white dial features gold indexes and hands along with a date component at 3 o’clock. Lastly, this watch runs on a quartz movement. Ultimately, this is great dress watch option if you want classic and timeless designs in your watch.  

9. Invicta Pro Driver

Invicta Pro Driver

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Invicta is a watch manufacturer best known for producing luxurious-looking pieces at a cheap price. Technically speaking, they really aren’t a luxury brand, which is why watch connoisseurs are divided when it comes to Invicta. However, there is no denying that they offer affordable and stylish timepieces, making them a great source of low-cost dress watches. 

This Invicta Pro Diver is a vibrant and elegant piece. Indeed, it it is a perfect dress watch for those who their watches to be on a flashy side. It is a watch that is bound to catch someone’s attention just with a single look. This piece is very much akin to models from luxury brands like Rolex, Tag Heuer, and the like. It comes in a 40mm stainless steel case paired with a gold-plated bezel and bracelet of the same material. The deep blue dial includes luminescent hands and markers in gold. This is a perfect sporty-dress watch for someone who enjoys luxury on a budget. 

10. Peugeot Quartz Dress Watch

Peugeot Quartz

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Peugeot is a watch manufacturer known for offering affordable luxury pieces. They are also a great source of watches that are perfect for fancy and formal events. However, the timepieces in their arsenal are also versatile enough to be worn on more casual and business-centric occasions. This piece is the perfect reflection of Peugeot’s reputation. 

This Peugeot quartz watch gives off classy yet simple vibes. It comes in a rectangular, gold-toned case and a black leather strap. The white dial follows an embossed pattern with gold hands and Roman numerals. Moreover, it runs on a quartz movement and has a water resistance of 30 meters. All in all, it is a great and subtle dress watch that will definitely bring out one’s dapper side. 

11. Kenneth Cole Diamond Dress Watch

Kenneth Cole Diamond Dress Watch

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Next on our list is a watch from a well-known clothing brand. Kenneth Cole is a renowned company that offers a variety of apparel, shoes, and accessories. They are best known for their smart casual and formal wear which is why they were able to make a watch that fit the same category. There’s comfort in knowing that this piece comes from a brand that is truly familiar with what would look great on formal attire. 

This Kenneth Cole Diamond dress watch oozes elegance and simplicity right off the bat. It comes in a 42mm brass-plated, steel case and a leather strap in black. The white dial is adorned with four diamonds, silver indexes and hands, and a date component at the bottom part. This is definitely a lovely piece that is bound to look amazing with your fanciest suit. 

12. Skagen Holst 

Skagen Holst 

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Next up is another lovely piece from the Nordic brand Skagen. We have already established that they are a great company that offers a variety of minimalist and versatile watches. What makes Skagen a great dress watch brand is their understanding of creating watches that will transcend time and trends. The pieces they offer have that quintessential vibe that’s present in classic dress watches.

This Skagen Holst watch has a contemporary yet simple overall design. It comes in a 41mm stainless steel case along with a genuine leather strap in brown. The black dial follows a sun ay pattern and consists of luminescent hands and indexes.  Furthermore, there are two sub-dials at 12 and 6 o’clock that show the day and date. Lastly, this piece runs on a quartz movement. If you’re looking for a dress watch that is bound to transcend time, then this piece is the perfect one.

13. Tommy Hilfiger Sports Dress Watch

Tommy Hilfiger Sports 

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Tommy Hilfiger is another brand best known for their apparel. They are a company that values their American heritage which is so obviously reflected in their products. They are also often associated with the ’70s, ’80s, and’ 90s, making them a well-loved brand then and now. Some of the watches they offer have the same vintage vibe as their clothes, which can make a lovely, classic dress watch.

This particular piece gives off a rather preppy and chic vibe. It comes in a 44mm stainless steel case in gold and a brown leather bracelet. The deep blue dial displays gold Roman numerals and hands, boasting a classy vibe. Moreover, the dial features three sub-dials for the day, hour, and date. Lastly, it follows a quartz movement as well. This is a great option for those with a chic and preppy style.

14. Bulova Classic Dress Watch

Bulova Classic

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To end this list, we have a watch from the well-recognized brand, Bulova. They are known for manufacturing reliable, durable, and artful timepieces at a more affordable price. They have a lot of classic and timeless watches in their arsenal, making them a great brand for dress watches.

Case in point: this Bulova Classic dress watch boasts a luxurious and sophisticated overall design. It comes in a 32mm case and bracelet which are both made out of stainless steel. The silver, sunray dial features indexes, hands, and a date component at 3 o’clock. Lastly, it also follows a Japanese quartz movement. This is a lovely option for those who prefer classic and sophisticated dress watches to amp up their outfit.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are many dress watches out there at relatively low price points. You don’t have to empty your pockets just to find the perfect timepiece to complement your formal wear. You can get a durable, high quality, and stylish dress watch under $200. At the end of the day, any watch you choose can be a dress watch if you know how to style it.


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