20 Best Swatch Watches for Men and Women

Swatch is one of the most well-known watch brands not only among enthusiasts but basically everyone. The brand was introduced in the 1980s as a response to the effects of the Quartz Crisis. Not to mention, Swatch watches are among the most affordable watches in the market. It also heralded creative watch designs alongside affordability. With its expansive catalogue, we gathered 10 of the best Swatch watches for men and women. Whether you like a minimalist watch, a funky watch, or even a classic timepiece, Swatch has them all. Here are some of the best Swatch watches for men and women that will keep you on track of time in style.

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Swatch Big Bold Jellyfish SO27E100

Swatch Big Bold Jellyfish SO27E100 for Men

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Swatch Blue Maximus YOS455G | Best Swatch Watches for Men and Women

Swatch Blue Maximus YOS455G for Men

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Swatch Sobleau GS703

Swatch Sobleau GS703 for Women

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Swatch Watches: The Answer to the Quartz Crisis

During the Quartz Crisis in the late 1970s, the Swiss watchmaking industry suffered a lot. Many manufacturers were forced to close down and others downsized. Generally, the production rate crashed from 45% to 15%. The Swiss market was swept to the sidelines for Hong Kong and Japan. This pushed many watchmakers to compete with the affordable Japanese market. ETA SA, a manufacturer for watches, ébauches and movements, took this opportunity to create affordable timepieces. The company also created timepieces that are only 2mm thick, the Delirium Tremens.

The Delirium Tremens became an iconic timepiece. It even inspired the Delirium Vulgare, a plastic watch of high quality. These very watches ultimately became the inspiration for modern-day Swatch watches.

With the success of the Delirium watches, Swatch was launched in the 1980s. Swatch became the fruit of a merger between ASUAG (mother company of ETA SA) and SSIH. Lebanese-Swiss businessman Nicolas G. Hayek oversaw this merger and became the first president of the conglomerate. The two companies that merged formed Société de Microélectronique et d’Horlogerie or SMH. This later becomes The Swatch Group. By 1985, Hayek and his group of investors were the major shareholders of the company.

Hayek led the company to flourish. The company created watches with synthetic cases and straps. Swatch also featured designs that ranged from minimalist to maximalist. The brand created a watch for everybody. They also collaborated with various artists and brands for their products. This resulted in the brand’s growth in the mass market.

The Name That is Swatch

There are various theories about the etymology of the brand name Swatch. It’s a smart choice for a brand name, that’s why a lot of people look to it. Not only does it pack a punch, but it’s also easy to remember.

Some theories suggest that Swatch comes from the contraction of the words “Swiss-Made Watch”. This is one of the most popular theories given Swatch’s history. However, there’s no confirmation from the brand whether it’s right or wrong.

Another theory suggests that Swatch actually means “The Second Watch”. There’s some truth to this theory, especially with the brand’s identity. Swatch presented a whole new concept of watches in the market. As a brand that hails from the watchmaking capital of the world that is Switzerland, it’s surprising how Swatch defied the typical price tags for watches. They’re much more affordable with designs that also veered away from the conservative designs of Swiss watchmakers.

Swatch created watches that perfectly match the younger generation. The watches from Swatch are fun. Moreover, you can easily buy a new one in case they break. With that said, not all Swatch watches are disposable. Even when the batteries eventually run out, some Swatch watches carry designs that are true collector’s items.

10 Best Swatch Watches for Men

1. Swatch Elementary SUOB728

Swatch Elementary SUOB728 | Best Swatch Watches for Men and Women

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Straight from the Bau Swatch collection, the Swatch Elementary SUOB728 is definitely an excellent choice for a watch. It’s minimalist with just the right pop of colour. The watch comes in a 41mm case with a silicone strap. It features the primary colours as with any Bauhaus-inspired design. The hour hand is in blue while the minute hand is in red. Meanwhile, the yellow hand is the second’s hand. The date window at 3 o’clock is small, yet still legible enough. Overall, it’s a clean watch that’s perfect for a casual look. It’s one of the best Bauhaus watches you can get as well.

2. Swatch Louvre Special L.E.P. SUOZ316

Swatch Louvre Special L.E.P. SUOZ316 | Best Swatch Watches for Men and Women

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Swatch has long been collaborating with various artists for their releases. One of their most iconic collaboration is not only with one artist but with a museum. We’re talking about Musée du Louvre or simply The Louvre. We all know about this museum. It’s the one that houses the Mona Lisa and other precious artworks from different eras. One of the works in the museum is Liberty Leading the People. Made by Eugène Delacroix, the painting commemorates the July Revolution of 1830. It is the very revolution that toppled King Charles X of France.

This timepiece from Swatch features a detail of the painting showing Liberty herself on the watch’s design. From the dial to the straps, Liberty stands strong holding the French flag in her hand. The watch comes in a 41mm case with a silicone strap. It’s a great timepiece that fits a bold ensemble, just like what the painting represents.

3. Swatch Night Flight YVS444G

Swatch Night Flight YVS444G | Best Swatch Watches for Men and Women

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Looking for a sporty-looking watch? How about one with a chronograph function? Enjoy the luxury of both with the Swatch Night Flight YVS444G. This watch carries the look of a typical sports watch. As a steel watch, it also looks pretty expensive but it costs the opposite. It’s also a great timepiece knowing that it’s Swiss-made!

This watch comes in a 43mm stainless steel case. Its dial is in black with 3 sub-dials, featuring hands that are luminous so you don’t have to worry about checking time in dimly lit places. It also comes from the brand’s Sistem51 collection. That means that the watch has 51 parts, 1 central screw, and 17 pending patents. On top of that, this watch boasts a whopping 90-hour power reserve.

4. Swatch Black Blur SUOB183

Swatch Black Blur SUOB183 | Best Swatch Watches for Men and Women

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Next on our list of the best Swatch watches for men is the Swatch Black Blur SUOB183. This watch gives an interesting take on a watch dial that’s why we chose it for the list. It gives you a covert feel without sacrificing legibility. As you can see, this watch doesn’t have markers on its dial. So, if you’re looking for a traditional-looking watch, you might want to move on to the next entry. However, this watch will definitely intrigue you with its looks.

The watch comes with frosted crystal, making the dial look blurry. Aptly named Black Blur, it comes in a 41mm plastic case. It’s a great watch for going out at night. A stylish choice, it’s pitch black surprisingly works well in the dark where you can only see its bright orange hands.

5. Swatch Bricagris SUOM708

Swatch Bricagris SUOM708 | Best Swatch Watches for Men and Women

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What’s more to prove about this watch when its sales record already puts it on top? Definitely a great Swatch watch for men, this timepiece is a constant bestseller. The Swatch Bricagric SUOM708 comes in a plastic case and silicone strap as usual. Unmistakenly a Swatch watch, this timepiece measures 41mm in diameter. It has a sun-brushed dial as well. The greatest part of the watch is its faux-knit strap. It’s a great design feature that adds a unique touch to the watch. It also hails from the Bau Swatch collection. No primary colours here, but it’s undeniably clean and functional at the same time.

6. Swatch Blue Maximus YOS455G

Swatch Blue Maximus YOS455G | Best Swatch Watches for Men and Women

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Swatch watches for men also include some of the best sports-themed watches. A tad different from the Night Flight, let’s take a look at the Swatch Blue Maximus YOS455G from the Irony collection. Every watch in this collection, as expected, is in stainless steel. They’re a little more expensive than plastic watches but affordable nonetheless. This watch comes with a chronograph as well as a date window located at 6 o’clock. The hands have Superluminova and it also comes with a tachymetric bezel. It’s a handsome watch that proves its presence with its 43mm case. Great not only for casual fits but also for formal looks, it’s a watch for all seasons.

7. Swatch Sistem51 Boreal YIS401G

Swatch Sistem51 Boreal YIS401G | Best Swatch Watches for Men and Women

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Also from the Sistem51, the Swatch Boreal YIS401G is undeniably one of the best Swatch watches for men. Amazingly so, Sistem51 watches only have 1 screw holding up the 51-part movement. That shows exactly how much effort goes into every Swatch watch ever made. This watch, in particular, combines Sistem51 features with an Irony makeup. The stainless steel watch comes in 42mm in diameter. It also has a stainless steel strap and clasp material, so you know it’s a robust watch.

8. Swatch Big Bold Jellyfish SO27E100

Swatch Big Bold Jellyfish SO27E100

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The Swatch Jellyfish SO27E100 comes from the Big Bold collection. This collection carries some of the biggest and boldest watches from the brand. They usually have transparent cases and large markers resulting in a large case. It also comes in different colours, especially for the hands. This watch is a stand out with its primary-coloured hands. It strikes at 47mm with big arrows that will show you the time. Indeed, it’s fully transparent so you also get a great view of its movement.

9. Swatch Black Rebel SUOB702

Swatch Black Rebel SUOB702

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Covert as covert can be and minimalist as minimalist can be, the Swatch Black Rebel SUOB702 comes with a monochromatic design. We know that it might not be the best if you’re looking for an extremely legible watch. However, it’s a great option if you’re looking for a stylishly black timepiece. It’s a fashion statement that works great on both casual and formal events.

It comes from the New Gent collection with a black dial, black markers as well as hands. It also has a black day and date window at 3 o’clock. Despite it being all black, you can see information just fine with its 41mm case. That said, it doesn’t illuminate. So, generally, its more of an accessory but it’s one fine accessory for that matter!

10. Swatch Skin Irony Skinnoiriron SYXS100

Swatch Skin Irony Skinnoiriron SYXS100

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The Swatch Skinnoiriron SYXS100 (read skin-noir-iron) combines three great design concepts from Swatch. Firstly, it’s a part of the Skin collection, which consists of elegant timepieces that are nearly weightless — thus its name. No matter the size of the watch, it is incredibly slim and notably lightweight that sometimes you forget you have it on. It’s also part of the Irony collection, meaning it has a stainless steel case. It’s only 5.8mm thick and has a brushed and polished case. So, it oozes elegance and it looks incredibly expensive. The dial of the watch features small Arabic numerals that are reminiscent of Max Bill watches.

10 Best Swatch Watches for Women

1. Swatch Holiday Collection Luminescent Sand YSG167M

Swatch Holiday Collection Luminescent Sand YSG167M

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There’s nothing like a classic dainty watch on your arsenal. We all need a watch for the formal occasions that require us to dress up. If you’re looking for a quick choice that won’t let you down, this is the watch for you. The Swatch Luminescent Sand YSG167M comes from the Holiday Collection, so you know it’s a glamorous pick. It has a stainless steel case that’s gold-coloured. Its bracelet also comes in gold, so it shines and shimmers throughout. It’s a dainty pick that will keep you in style and on time.

2. Swatch Inspirance YSS317G

Swatch Time to Swatch Inspirance YSS317G

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We all already know how Irony watches from Swatch come in stainless steel cases. The Irony Lady also come with stainless steel cases but with designs perfect for the dainty lady. They usually have straps made from metal, steel, or leather. The Swatch Inspirance YSS317G comes with jewels around its steel bracelet, so it also serves as a great accessory more than a functional piece. The golden markers are also noticeable on the dial.

3. Swatch Sobleau GS703

Swatch Sobleau GS703

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Looking for a great watch you can use on a daily basis? The Swatch Sobleau GS703 is just like the Elementary watch from our list of the best Swatch watches for men. It also carries the same playful design but in a blue case and strap. It’s a great watch for a pop colour on your daily ensemble. Despite belonging in the Gent’s collection, it’s a great choice for women as well. It has a 34mm case that’s right for all types of wrists.

4. Swatch Lifestyle White Classiness SFK360

Swatch Lifestyle White Classiness SFK360

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The Swatch Lifestyle White Classiness SFK360 is a timepiece that has everything you need in a watch. It’s reliable, fashionable, and doesn’t cost a fortune. This watch falls on the Classic collection, which makes it a perfect choice for an everyday watch. Its design looks great for a nine-to-five as well as a night out. You can hustle day in and day out with this timepiece and still be on time. It comes in a 34mm stainless steel case with a silicone strap. So, you’re sure that it’s a durable watch that won’t fail you anytime.

5. Swatch Metal Knit SFM118M

Swatch Metal Knit SFM118M

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Women also need dress watches for more formal settings. The Swatch Metal Knit SFM118M watch is a great option for you with its stainless steel Milanese or mesh bracelet. It’s almost monochromatic with a grey dial as well and its plastic case doesn’t look cheap at all. It’s a great option for a quick formal piece that also works properly for casual looks.

6. Swatch Fleche D’Amour GZ414

Swatch Fleche D’Amour GZ414

We simply can’t get enough of Swatch’s Louvre collection. Our next entry comes from the same collection. The Fleche D’Amour GZ414 carries a detail from The Abduction of Helen by Guido Reni. It’s the little cupid on the lower right of the painting and it cleverly points to the date window at 9 o’clock. On the cupid’s arm, you’ll find the number 5 seemingly tattooed as a marker. It’s an adorable piece that also carries symbolic art and some people might not know it!

7. Swatch Once Again GB743

Swatch Once Again GB743

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There’s nothing like a Swatch watch that can take you down to the basics. The Swatch Once Again GB743 comes in 34mm in a plastic case as well as a silicone strap, as usual. Its dial is in white with legible black Arabic numerals for markers. It’s a sleek watch with a date window at 3 o’clock. Overall, it’s a utilitarian watch that does the job well without breaking your budget.

8. Swatch So Pink GP161

Swatch So Pink GP161

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A more feminine choice is the Swatch So Pink GP161 not only for its colours but for its demeanor as well. It’s very feminine in size at 34mm as well as the metallic effect that adds a shine to the watch. The Arabic numerals are also incredibly legible. Sure, it’s pink but it’s a rosy hue with a sun-brushed rosy dial that makes the whole look elegant and not too youthful. You can wear it on formal occasions if you want but it suits casual night outs as well.

9. Swatch Lisa Masquee SUOZ318

Swatch Lisa Masquee SUOZ318

The Mona Lisa must be the most popular woman in the world. The famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci can be seen on display at the Louvre. However, with Swatch’s collaboration with the museum, we get to see the lady right on our wrists. As powerful as any woman can be, this captivating painting also easily captures anybody’s attention in the Lisa Masquee SUOZ318 watch. Wondering where the name comes from? You can just look at the way the free loop is positioned. Yes, Swatch cleverly made it into Mona Lisa’s mask. it’s a fun timepiece that carries a relevant piece of art. What’s there to dislike about this watch?

10. Swatch Jardin Fleuri SFE102

Swatch Jardin Fleuri SFE102

Love flowers? We do, too. So, we just can’t resist the beauty of the Jardin Fleuri SFE102. It’s a classy timepiece that presents great design as well as dimensions. It carries a great combination of colours with hues of pinks, oranges, reds, and a touch of blue. The case is transparent so it will compliment your spring look just right no matter what you wear. It also has a great solid white loop with a transparent buckle. It’s truly a modern woman’s Swatch watch.

A Swatch Watch for Everyone

Swatch watches are some of the most affordable Swiss watches you can get. There’s not denying that the company really pulled through after the Quartz Crisis. And the brand continues to do that by introducing watches in different styles. In turn, even younger generations get inclined into collecting and appreciating the collectibility of watches. This list for best Swatch watches for men and women prove just that and more.

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