Everything You Need to Know About the Casio Mudman

Sometimes the best companion on an adventure isn’t a friend or a pet, but a watch! Watches aren’t just for telling time. Sometimes sports watches are packed with tons of features that’ll help athletes and adventurers on their respective journeys. If you want a reliable and practical watch for all your outdoor needs, look no further than the Casio Mudman. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Casio Mudman.

Casio Mudman Models

Currently, there are four models for the Casio Mudman series. There are the G-9300 models that are perfect for hiking and camping. And there are the G-9000 models which were designed with the motorsport industry in mind. 

Casio Mudman G-9300-1

The Casio Mudman is your classic digital watch packed with lots of awesome features. In fact, the Casio Mudman G-9300-1 is the first Casio Mudman model with both a thermo and direction sensor. As the name suggests, all Casio Mudman models are mud-resistant. They are also shock-resistant. 

This Casio Mudman model has a black resin case with a black aluminum bezel. Matching the case, the watch’s strap is also made of black resin. Protecting the digital dial, we have a sturdy mineral crystal. The watch also has a blue-green electroluminescent backlight. This watch is powered by solar energy and has a pretty awesome water-resistance of 200 meters.

Since the watch runs on solar energy, it will also have a battery level indicator that will tell you when you’ll need to recharge the watch. It also has a power-saving mode which will turn off the digital display screen when the watch is in the dark. For timekeeping, the watch follows a 12/24-hour format and also has an automatic calendar that is good until 2099. In terms of accuracy, it will not go over or under 15 seconds per month.

Casio Mudman G-9300-1


Additional Features

Now, we’ve mentioned some of its additional features at the start, but let’s get into more detail about them. First, let’s talk about its digital compass. It has a range of 0° to 359°. You can measure using the compass continuously for about 20 seconds. The watch also has a graphic direction pointer and bearing memory. It has bidirectional calibration and magnetic declination correction.

As is common with sports watches, this watch also comes with a stopwatch and a countdown timer. The 1/100-second stopwatch has different measuring modes such as split time, elapsed time, and first and second place times. Meanwhile, you can use the timer to countdown from a maximum of 24 hours or as little as one minute. The watch is also capable of five different daily alarms and also has an hourly time signal. Lastly, it has a thermometer with a display range of 14°F to 140°F (-10°C to 60°C).

Casio Mudman G-9300GB-1

The Casio Mudman G-9300GB-1 is quite similar to the G-9300-1, except that this watch has an all-black aesthetic with some cool gold accents. It also has a resin case and strap, while the bezel is a black-tone aluminum. The display is protected by a mineral crystal and also has a blue-green electro-luminescent backlight. When using this backlight, it’ll have some afterglow and a full auto light switch, as well as selectable illumination duration. The Casio Mudman is definitely a watch that can withstand any harsh environments you might face on your outdoor adventures. Not only is it shock-resistant, but it is also mud-resistant. Its water-resistance is also quite amazing at 200 meters, suitable for swimming and diving.

Because this watch is powered by solar energy, it’ll have a battery level indicator, which will tell you when it’s time for a recharge. But if you’re out and about where the sun shines down on you, then you probably won’t be worried about getting low on battery. But if the battery is an issue, you can feel at ease since this watch also comes with a power-saving mode. If the watch is in the dark and you’re not using the backlight, then the power-saving mode will turn the digital display off.

Casio Mudman G-9300GB-1


Additional Features

If you’re backpacking across the world, this watch will definitely come in handy since it’s got world time in 31 different time zones. And if you’re just traveling locally, but in the outdoors, the watch’s digital compass will come in real handy. This watch can measure from 0° to 359° continuously for 20 seconds. It also has bearing memory, a graphic direction pointer, magnetic declination correction, and bidirectional calibration. 

For those using this watch for sports purposes, it’s also got a good stopwatch and countdown timer. The stopwatch can measure up to 1/100 seconds and has a very large measuring capacity of 999 hours, 59 minutes, and 59.99 seconds. You can use it to measure elapsed time, split time, and even 1st-2nd place times. Meanwhile, its countdown timer has a range of 1 minute to 24 hours. You can also set up up to five alarms with this watch and it’ll also give you a signal for every hour. 

Casio Mudman G-9000-1V

Casio and G-Shock definitely designed the Casio Mudman G-9000-1V with the motorsport industry in mind. This watch is dust-resistant and dirt-resistant. It’s got every step in mind. When doing some mechanical work at the shop, this watch’s Mud Restrict seal will keep the oil out. And when riding on some crazy dirt paths, none of the sand will get in the watch.

In terms of construction, the watch has a pretty solid black resin case and stainless steel bezel. At the back of its case, you’ll see an image of a mole engraved into the case. The mole is practically the Mudman’s mascot, as it aptly represents the concept. Its resin band feels comfortable on the wrist, so you won’t always have to worry about the watch digging into your skin while you’re busy doing extreme sports. It’s also quite easy to read even at night. Thanks to its dual illuminator backlight, you can have either three seconds or five seconds of afterglow, depending on your configuration. 

Casio Mudman G-9000-1V



Additional Features

The watch is also equipped with dual stopwatches that both have a capacity of 1,000 hours. This feature is perfect for simultaneously timing a race and taking note of pit stop time. It also has a countdown timer that can measure up to 24 hours. The watch also has five multifunctional alarms and a signal that goes off every hour. For these timers and alarms, there will be a flash alert that will buzz to notify you.

This watch follows a 12/24-hour format and has an automatic calendar that goes as far as 2099. The watch is shock-resistant and water-resistant up to 200 meters. It’s also low temperature-resistant, with a threshold of -20°C. Additionally, the watch is equipped with world time in 29 time zones.

Casio Mudman G-9000-3V

The Casio Mudman G-9000-3V is very similar to the G-9000-1V, but instead of black, this watch is in a cool green look. It basically has the same features as the G-9000-1V. It’s got a dual stopwatch feature that is perfect for simultaneous recording. It has a countdown timer, multifunctional alarms, hourly time signals, and a flash alert. The watch also has dual illumination with electro-luminescent backlight colors of blue-green and white. 

Casio Mudman G-9000-3V


The watch’s case and band are made of resin, while its bezel is stainless steel. It has a strong mineral glass, and it’s also shock and mud-resistant. In terms of water-resistant, this watch can almost do it all. At 200 meters, you can take this watch on a swim and on some cool dives. And if you’re a world traveler, you’ll be happy to know that this Casio Mudman also comes with world time in 29 different time zones. 

Module 3261 vs Module 3031

For the Casio Mudman, we’ll be looking at two different operation manuals: the Module 3261 and the Module 3031. Under Module 3261, we have the models G-9300-1 and the G-9300GB-1. For the G-9000-1V and G-9000-3V, you’ll need to be looking at Module 3031. Sometimes they’ll have the same instructions for a certain category. But there are also special features or aspects in certain models that aren’t present in the other two. For example, the watches using the Module 3261 are solar-powered, so there’ll be special instructions for charging them. But don’t worry, we’ll be indicating for which modules the instructions apply to if they only apply to one or if they differ.

How to Charge the Casio Mudman

This section mostly concerns the watches under Module 3261. These watches have a built-in rechargeable battery that you can charge using solar energy. If you wear this watch on a daily basis, you probably won’t be worrying about recharging since the watch automatically charges when exposed to light. Just make sure that your sleeves aren’t covering the watch when you wear it, since it won’t be able to properly charge this way. And if you do need to charge it, make sure to leave it somewhere where it has decent light exposure. Just be careful not to leave it at a place that will get hot easily such as a car’s dashboard or too close to incandescent light. This is important since an overheated watch will lead to the display blacking out.

If you’re not using the watch on a regular basis, make sure that power-saving is on and that you store it somewhere where it’ll get appropriate light. Failure to do so might lead to the battery getting low. You’ll know when this happens if the battery indicator shows a letter “L” on the screen. This stands for low. Meanwhile, an “H” would mean a high level and “M” would indicate medium levels. In an H or M, you can still use all the watch’s functions. At L, however, the illumination, beeper, and sensors will be disabled. If you see an L, you would need to charge the watch as soon as possible. 

Casio Mudman Charging Times
1 | Casio Mudman Charging Times (Module 3261)

Charging Times

Now comes the question of how long you’ll need to charge it. Well, there is no one answer since it depends on the brightness or level of light exposure you are using to charge it. If it’s under direct sunlight outdoors (50,000 lux), it’ll take 2 hours to bring it from empty to low, and 16 hours if from low to medium. Medium to high, on the other hand, will require 5 hours. If you’re using indoor fluorescent light (500 lux), it’ll take 168 hours just to bring it back to low. 

How to Set the Date and Time

Module 3261

For Module 3261, you’ll first need to configure the home city settings. Hold down the upper-left button until the word “SET” is flashing on the screen. Either press the lower-right (East) or upper-right (West) button to choose from the cities. Stop when you see the city you want to set as your home city. Press the lower-left button to display the Daylight Saving Time (DST) setting, and use the lower-right button to toggle between “on” or “off” for DST. Similar to the switch from the home city setting to the DST setting, you can choose between settings by pressing the lower-left button. 

After setting the DST, you can choose between a 12-hour and 24-hour format by toggling the lower-right button. Next, you should reset the seconds to zero by pressing the lower-right button. The next step is changing the hour and minutes. To add an hour or minute, press the lower-right button. To go down, press the upper-right button. Once done, press the lower-left button to proceed to the calendar. Adjusting the calendar is similar to adjusting the time as it uses the same keys. To exit the setting screen, press the upper-left button.

Timekeeping Mode Display
2 | Timekeeping Mode Display (Module 3261)

Module 3031

The steps for setting the time and date for Module 3031 are a bit different. You start by pressing down the upper-left button until you see the seconds flashing on the screen. The first thing you need to do is reset the seconds back to zero by pressing the lower-right button. Next, press the lower-left button to move from one setting to the next. The next step is to choose between Daylight Saving Time and Standard Time by pressing down the lower-right button. Press the lower-left button to set the time zone. To go through the options, you can press the lower-right button to move the timezone eastward or press the upper-right one to move it westward. Again, press the lower-left button to proceed to the next setting.

Now, we go into the actual setting of the date and time. First up is the hours and minutes. To add an hour or minute, press the lower-right button. On the other hand, if you want to decrease it, press the upper-right one. Once this is done, press the lower-left button to proceed to set the year. The same thing applies to change the year. The lower-right button increases, while the upper-right button decreases. When you see the year you’re currently in, press the lower-left button to go to the next step. The final step for setting the date and time is changing the month and day. To do this, similar instructions are observed for the buttons. Once you’ve finished the configuration, press the upper-left button to go back to the timekeeping mode and exit the settings.

Timekeeping Mode
3 | Timekeeping Mode (Module 3031)

How to Use the Digital Compass

For the Casio Mudman series, only the Casio Mudman G-9300-1 and G-9300GB-1 models have the digital compass feature. So for this section, we will only be looking at the Module 3261.

Digital Compass Display
4 | Digital Compass Mode Display ( Module 3261)

When using the watch’s digital compass, it is important to first either set the watch down on a flat surface or ensure that your wrist is parallel to the ground when wearing the watch. While keeping the watch horizontal in relation to the horizon, adjust it so that the watch’s 12 o’clock position points to the direction you want to check. When you’re ready, press down the middle-right button to enter the compass mode. You’ll know you’re in this mode when you see the letters “COMP” appear on the screen. Roughly two seconds after entering the digital compass mode, the watch will tell you the reading for that direction. It’ll show you one of the 16 possible directions which you will see in the table below.

Direction Meaning Direction Meaning Direction Meaning Direction Meaning
N North NE Northeast NNE North – northeast ENE East – northeast
E East SE Southeast NNW North – northwest ESE East – southeast
S South NW Northwest SSE South – southeast WNW West – northwest
W West SW Southwest SSW South – southwest WSW West – southwest


When you get the direction and angle, bear in mind that there’s a ±11 degree margin of error, so it won’t be super accurate. However, it’ll give you a general idea of the direction you’re checking. Additionally, the margin of error will be larger if the watch isn’t properly horizontal. When taking a reading, the watch’s digital compass will also show the pointers indicating the directions for north, east, south, and west. The watch will also continue to take readings for up to 20 seconds before it’ll automatically stop

How to Use the Stopwatch

Using the stopwatch for the Casio Mudman is fairly easy. However, we’ll still split this section into two for each module. This is because the Casio Mudman G-9000-1V and G-9000-3V have dual stopwatches for simultaneous recording.

Module 3261

Starting with Module 3261, press the lower-left button until you reach the stopwatch mode. To record elapsed time, press the lower-right button. Press this button again to pause or stop and once more to restart. Once done recording, press the upper-left button to reset. For the split time, you press the lower-right button to start and the upper-left button to split. Press this same button again for the split release. To stop it, press the lower-right button and then press the upper-left button to reset. Lastly, here’s what you do to measure two finishes. Press the lower-right button to start and the upper-left button to split. You do this when the first runner finishes, to display their time on the screen. When the second runner finishes, press the lower-right button to stop and then press the upper-left button to display their time. Once done, press the upper-left button to reset the stopwatch.

Stopwatch Mode
5 | Stopwatch Mode Display (Module 3261)

Module 3031

The general steps for the stopwatch actions, such as recording elapsed time and split time, are pretty much the same. However, for every step in Module 3261 that uses the upper-left button, you will, instead, press the upper-right button. Also, for these models, there will be two stopwatch modes. To move from Stopwatch Mode (ST1) to Stopwatch Mode (ST2) press the lower-left button. Moving from ST2 to ST1, however, requires going through the other settings before reaching ST1. But don’t worry. Leaving the stopwatch mode won’t stop the operation unless you are using split time. In that case, it will clear and return to elapsed time measurement. For the other operations, though, the time will still continue to run even when leaving the screen unless you stop it. 

Stopwatch Mode
6 | Stopwatch Mode Display (Module 3031)

Models under this module also have a special feature for the ST1 called the Auto-Start feature. Basically, this feature allows you to start a five-second countdown timer that will immediately initiate the stopwatch when it reaches zero. A beeper will also sound off for every second for the last three seconds. To engage this feature, you must first be in the Stopwatch Mode (ST1). When the screen shows all zeros, press the upper-right button to display the five-second countdown screen. Press the lower-right button to start the countdown. The watch will make a sound when the countdown reaches zero and it will also start the stopwatch. This feature is perfect for timing races since it’ll give the runners a five-second countdown to get ready.

Auto-Start Feature
7 | Stopwatch Auto-Start Feature (Module 3031)

Final Thoughts

From the name itself, you know the Casio Mudman is a watch meant to survive any adventure in the rugged outdoors. It’s sturdy and comfortable, which is crucial for a watch you’ll probably be wearing for several hours in possibly harsh environments. This is also a pretty useful sports watch. Depending on the model, this watch can help you navigate your adventures or perfectly time your races on the dirt track. With all the cool features the Casio Mudman comes with, this isn’t just a regular watch but an investment. 


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